Winter 2018 CSA


Welcome to the inaugural Tuscarora Organic Growers Co-op CSA! 


Welcome to the inaugural Tuscarora Organic Growers Co-op CSA!   Eating fresh, local, and organic has never been easier. Join us as we take our first steps in providing a CSA option, delivered right to your door!

The deets!

  • Deliveries will begin (hopefully) by the beginning of February. (And delivered right to your front door!) A bit late to the party but still want to join? We'll update each Monday so that you can still join at a prorated price!
  • We deliver to the Washington DC metro area. Click here to see if you're in our area!
  • One size CSA option program will include 7-9 items per week (primarily our own winter veggies seasonally available, supplemented with regional fruits and veggies).
  • Customize week to week!  Get more of what you want, none of items you don't!
  • Locally sourced add-ons like breads, meat, and eggs available each week.

About the CSA

Everything in your box will be certified organic!

From the very beginning, our farmers have grown organically (even before there was the certified organic program through the USDA), and being certified organic is and has been one of our requirements. Our growers are seriously committed to the sustainability of their farms, and make every effort to care for the land, air and water by following the rules of the organic program, and often going above and beyond those regulations.

So why a CSA?

From the beginning, we have focused on selling wholesale quantities to restaurants, retailers, and distributors. This has been our business model for nearly 30 years, as our growers focused on their own markets and CSAs.

As our cooperative grew, we realized that we needed to get a bit more creative about how to sell our produce. At the same time, we were always receiving calls from folks like you wondering if they could buy our vegetables straight from us--maybe they’d seen our name on restaurant menus, or bought our produce at a store, and they wanted more. We’d always had to say “no,” but now we’re ready to say “Yes, here’s how you sign up for our CSA!”

CSAs are typically organized by one single farm, as a commitment between the farmer and the customer, building the community as a whole. That’s the name, after all - Community Supported Agriculture. We realize that a food hub cooperative like us operating a CSA isn’t quite the same thing as that bond between a sole farmer and an individual eater; after all, we are 50+ farmers working together. But we believe that we are building a community, too -- in fact, our community is already widespread across central PA, composed of diverse farmer families all committed to organic agriculture. By joining our CSA, you’re joining our community. Welcome!




Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is going on here?

A: TOG is branching out! Historically we have been a business to business wholesale distributor, but now the time looks right to try something new. We are now offering a CSA-style farm box, available delivered to your door or to a group pick-up location!

Q: How long is this CSA season?

A: Our winter season will hopefully start by the beginning of February and last until the end of March (or until we run out of carrots)!

Q: When will my box be delivered?

A: Your box will be delivered overnight (between 11pm-7am) and waiting at your door.

Q: I live in an apartment, is that a problem?

A: Not a problem at all! The delivery partner that we're working with has made hundreds of thousands of deliveries in the DC area and has been to over 500 different apartment buildings.  Whether by using a building code, a key, or concierge on-site, we'll find a solution that makes sure you get your delivery.

Q: What is the delivery area?

A: We deliver to the DC metro area.  Please click here see if you're within our delivery area.   If you are interested in receiving daytime deliveries to an office location, please contact Emily at and we'll assist you in getting setup.

Q: How will my box be delivered?

A: We're working closely with a home delivery company in the DC area that specializes is farm box and grocery delivery.

Q: What is in my box?

A: Your box will be composed of 7-9 seasonal items, all grown and harvested at our certified organic family farms. We will bring you a thoughtful mix of standard veggies like carrots and kale, alongside unique items you’ll only find from family farmers. Since it's winter, and the offerings from PA are a bit wintry, we may supplement with products like kale, broccoli and citrus from organic farms on the East Coast.

Q: Can I customize my box?

A: Yes! For the winter period, you can eliminate one item and double another. So if you really hate beets, but you want 2 bunches of kale instead of one, we can do that!

Q: Do I have to get my box every week?

A: No, if you need to skip a week during the winter period, we will find another good home for the produce in your box. Please note, we're unable to provide refunds for weeks that you skip.  

Q: I have a problem with an order - who do I contact?

A: Please contact Emily at