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Posted 6/3/2016 10:46am by Emily Best.

It’s June! Finally! We’re starting to see squash blossoms and baby zucchinis pop up on the list (in small supply for now), and we’re hearing that peas will be appearing soon too. Time for the best eats!  

I want to thank everyone for getting their orders in early, especially for the Friday deliveries. When we have the majority of our orders in on Wednesdays, it gives us a chance to increase our grower orders if needed, which means less shortages where possible. It also means that our growers can deliver their produce on time Thursday, so that our dock workers can get their work done in an efficient manner. Everything is just smoother that way. Fridays are definitely our bigger sales day, so keeping things running well helps out EVERYONE. So, again, THANK YOU!  

All of our cucumbers right now are coming from high tunnels, where the farmers can protect these sensitive crops from early spring low temperatures. The cukes need lots of sunny days to grow and thrive.  


HERBS: Have you been buying herbs? If not, now’s the time to start. Our herbs are always freshly picked, and so so flavorful.  

SPRING RADISHES: With the heat, the bunched radishes are over. But we still have a nice supply of small radishes now in bulk. Lots of beautiful colors available!  

KALE: Ok, ok. I know that kale hit its peak in …2012? But still! Kale is amazing. And our spring kale is SUPER tender. I go for kale chopped up and mixed with lettuce in a salad (no massaging necessary). And now that we’re seeing lots of kale coming in, the prices will reflect the abundance!

Posted 5/31/2016 11:51am by Emily Best.

What a difference a week makes: it’s now sweltering, hot and humid here in central PA! The veggies are soaking up the sun and growing fast now. We’re hearing that snap peas and summer squash are right around the corner. Strawberries are ripening as fast as the farmers (and their workers) can pick them.    

Did you know that our farmers are also some of our biggest customers? Our growers use the co-operative as a back-up option to their own production so that they can offer their farmer’s market customers and CSA members the best selection possible.  


Bunched greens:  Getting in lots of rainbow chard and bunched kale!  

Diva Cucumbers: Finally seeing a big supply of cucumbers. I love cucumbers with dill, spring onions, and spring garlic, either with vinegar or with yogurt. Or just sliced thin on a salad. Or dipped in hummus.  And, like many other divas, these have a thin skin!  

Bitter greens: Bring some tangy to your menus. Mustard greens and baby curly cress are both growing fast and our farmers have a lot of them. The baby mustard greens mix is a versatile blend and can be eaten fresh for a salad or quickly cooked. The baby curly cress is best used as an herb or garnish and has a horseradish-like flavor. Try something new!

Posted 5/27/2016 11:03am by Emily Best.

We will be open on Monday, May 30th. The veggies don’t stop growing so we don’t stop selling! Deliveries will occur as usual on Tuesday, May 31st.

In other news, it’s freaking HOTTT up in these hills. So much for beautiful 75 degree days, now it’s just hot and humid. But it’s great for the plants (and the BERRIES). Strawberries are making their first appearance on the list today so please contact us asap with your berry orders. No guarantees at this point in the season as availability is still hit or miss depending on speed of ripening.

ALSO! Emily will be at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market this weekend hawking New Morning Farm produce. It looks like it’ll be a really beautiful market day and I’m sure there will be plenty of berries and other exciting spring items. Come on out and say hello (and buy some produce, of course!)  


Head Lettuce: I made a delicious salad last night with romaine and butterhead lettuces, plus some baby spinach, and a little bit of a Diva cucumber. And I’m having it again for lunch today! Salads are such a refreshing option when the weather’s this hot.  

Asparagus: Lots coming in for Tuesday. The asparagus is loving this weather!  

Maple Syrup: One of our Amish families has cousins up in NY State who make Certified Organic Maple Syrup, so we are carrying a limited supply. We can get in more if there’s interest. We have 3 colors available: Golden, Amber, and Dark. See price list for pricing and size info. Pancakes, anyone?

Posted 5/24/2016 11:37am by Emily Best.

The sky is blue, clear, and no clouds are in sight! Hopefully it stays this way, because we’re hearing rumors about the beginning of STRAWBERRY season.  The berries need SUN to ripen. None yet for today but keep an eye out, maybe we’ll have some for Tuesday.

In TOG office news, Natalie found a tiny baby kitten by the side of the road last week, and it’s become our new office pet. Most of the time little Toggle (maybe??) is sleeping, but he is super loud when awake so if you call and hear some screeching, it’s the kitten. Super cute though.  


BABY SPINACH & ARUGULA: Lots of baby greens incoming. Great for salads, sandwiches, side dishes, smoothies and more.

BUNCHED GREENS: Finally, some bunched greens! A few varieties of kale, some rainbow chard, and a few collard greens too! Buy these quick cuz they’re not going to last long out there. 

‘SHROOMS: Still need to move a lot of mushrooms… if you’re interested in portabellas or creminis, we can cut you a GREAT DEAL. Get in touch if you’re interested!

HERBS: As we wait for more variety to appear on the list, I’m going to bang the herbal drum again: folks! Buy some herbs. We have a lot now because many of the perennial herbs seem to explode in growth this time of year. That’s why you will see flowering sage, thyme, and chives on the list—the plants are just SO EXCITED that it’s warm again.

Posted 5/20/2016 10:36am by Emily Best.

FINALLY! It’s SUNNY! Get outside, people! We’re hoping to see a lot more additions to the list within the next week or two, so keep your eyes peeled. For now, not too much more to add. We do have a few bunched baby beets, and a few more tomatoes than last week. AND OF COURSE: RHUBARB!!

We also have an abundance of spring alliums, both scallions and garlic. We offer the scallions bunched in red and white, and garlic in bunched or bulk. Spring garlic is a great substitute for garlic bulbs this time of year – I added some to my spring stir fry last night and it was so tasty!

In news no one cares about but those of us who drive up and down our road twice daily: the township filled in potholes this morning!!    



PORTABELLAS: Maybe we over-ordered but we’ve got a ton of these ‘shrooms on hand. Help?

HERBS: Remember those cold winter days when we barely had any herbs and your dishes were seasoned with just salt and pepper (or worse, herbs from somewhere else)? Well, now we have LOTS of herbs coming in from our growers, lots of parsley, rosemary, thyme, oregano, dill, French tarragon, and more. PLUS chives with edible blossoms (which are super tasty on pizza, salad, or really, anything). Think outside the usual flavors and herb it up.

HEAD LETTUCE: It’s slowly starting to come in: we’ve got a few varieties coming in. Two thumbs up for salad!

Posted 5/17/2016 10:54am by Emily Best.

Even though it got quite cold Sunday night, it’s actually been sunny and fairly warm the past few days. Wohoo! Hopefully this weather brings on plant growth. I know we’re all anxiously awaiting the first strawberries. Our growers are all talking about how so many items are “almost ready” but just not there yet, so hopefully we see some new produce soon!

I love this photo from New Morning Farm – the team is transplanting early sweet corn using the Lannen transplanter. It’s a carousel style transplanter, and used on bare ground transplants (not on plastic mulch). I only transplanted on the Lannen a couple times because it made me quite dizzy! But it’s very fast and efficient for the farmers. Can’t wait for sweet corn.  


RHUBARB: Rhubarb gets an unprecedented third-in-a-row appearance on the highlights and here’s why: I started putting some in my morning smoothie (spinach, berries, banana, yogurt, and now rhubarb), and I am LOVING it. It’s adding such a bright and tangy flavor to my breakfast!

SPRING GARLIC: We’ve got bunched and bulk spring garlic in abundance. Great way to perk up any dish!

BASIL: We got a note yesterday from our tomato and basil grower who reported that the tomatoes aren’t as vigorous as in previous years. But the basil is looking (and smelling) great!

ASPARAGUS: After a shaky supply early in the week, it looks like we’re projected to get in nearly 60 cases for Friday deliveries!! It’s now on a 3 case discount price.

Posted 5/13/2016 11:38am by Emily Best.

Yesterday, for a brief moment, the sun came out! Natalie and I both went for short walks up the lane and I couldn’t resist taking a quick snapshot of that beautiful sky. Of course, today is dark, dreary and wet again.

We did some comparison to last year and we are definitely behind with many items, especially bunched greens and asparagus. We’re doing our best with what’s coming in. You’ll notice that asparagus isn’t even on the list! Sad!

We do have a lot of rhubarb though—seems to be the only item really thriving in this rain forest weather!  

TEMPERATE RAIN FOREST HIGHLIGHTS: RHUBARB: Yes, it’s on the highlights again, because we are seeing SO MUCH of it being offered and we really want to help out our growers! The price has dropped a bit so take advantage and get some tangy flavors in your life!

BABY GREENS: Arugula, baby mesclun, and baby sweet and spicy: all loving this weather.

SPRING ONIONS: We’ve got white scallions, red scallions, and some “baby red onions with tops.” The baby red onions are like a super fat scallion. They were overwintered at Greenbriar Farm—I saw a sample case yesterday and they smelled AMAZING.

EASTER EGG RADISHES: Growers Lydia and Joe Zook at Country View Farm are just about to flood the market with some little jewels in the form of Easter Egg Radishes. Looking for some great sales here! The radish tops didn’t hold up in this weather so the radishes are coming in 3 lb bulk cases. Get them while you can!

Posted 5/10/2016 10:23am by Emily Best.

Finally, we’re starting to see some new items come in! Not that the weather has improved much but it seems like items are actually starting to grow. We’re seeing significant amounts of rhubarb coming in, plus some bunched radishes and baby sweet white turnips. Asparagus is still a bit tentative unfortunately.

Still looking at a forecast of mostly rain and clouds so don’t hold your breath over strawberries. Seemed like yesterday’s berries were some wishful thinking; we’re now looking at a normal state of early June, unfortunately! But it’ll be here before you know it.

Our first sales day without Tim went pretty well, I think. Always an interesting experience to be training someone new, especially when both Natalie and I are still learning! Thank you to those who have been understanding of all of our newness and going with flow!


FRESH Radishes: Got some beauties on the list this week – Easter Egg in 3 lb bulk, and French Breakfast and Red radishes bunched with the greens attached. They’ve been selling fast so don’t wait!

Rhubarb: I saw in the Washington Post a roundup of savory rhubarb recipes… A couple years ago I tried out a French lentil, spinach, and roasted rhubarb recipe. It was surprisingly delicious. Think outside the pie, people. Rhubarb is more flexible than you think!

Dandelion Greens: Give these tasty bitter greens a try—very healthy and a bit more interesting than kale or chard. Plus we don’t yet have many bunched greens so for retailers this could be an exciting option to liven up your local foods grocery case!

Posted 5/6/2016 10:48am by Emily Best.

Last week I wrote about the cool wet weather and again today I must comment that it’s been cool and wet ALL week. And the forecast doesn’t look much better. It’s tough for the farmers when it’s this wet: spring time is when they’re out prepping their fields, but you can’t drive a tractor when your field is too wet. The lack of sunlight is also slowing down many hot items like asparagus. We know many of you weren’t able to get what you want this past week—it’s frustrating for all of us not to be able to supply the demand.

Monday will probably be the last day for Ramp availability – what a short season!


BRAISING GREENS: Not an especially sexy title but I highly recommend this greens mix. It’s a mix of young kales, chards and mustards. This item is coming from Eric Lichty, farmer at Shoestring Acres.

BABY MIZUNA: Spice things up with some baby mizuna coming from the Zooks at Country View Farm in Path Valley.

BASIL: We’re getting in enough basil to carry it now in 1 lb case, plus we’ve dropped the price!

BULK GREENS: We’ve got a few 5# kales on the list, plus we will have a few Sweet n Spicy’s we can order in 5# ($52.50). Please let us know!  

Posted 5/3/2016 11:33am by Emily Best.

Hello all! It’s Natalie again! It’s still rainy and cloudy here, and Shelly and I are having our third (yes third cup of coffee for the morning). This weather isn’t exactly motivating, but the rain certainly sounded nice tapping on my tin roof last night. We are all looking forward to the sunshine that will hopefully (fingers crossed!) be here Saturday. Due to several consecutive days of rain, ramp season will probably be shortened. We will have some for this Friday, and my suggestion would be to order them now if you want them!  


BULK GREENS: We are doing 5# cases of bulk greens again as listed below. Did I hear someone say kale??

  Baby Sweet n Spicy, $52.50

  Wildfire Lettuce Mix, $39.00

  Baby Green Kale, $52.50

  Baby Lacinato Kale, $52.50

  Baby Red Russian Kale, $52.50

WATERCRESS (wild): In the spirit of upcoming Mother’s Day, I have to give watercress a shout-out as it’s one of my mother’s favorites! She makes a mean watercress salad with toasted almonds and dried cranberries. Yuuum!

MAINE POTATOES: There are no more golds, but we still have russets and red potatoes on hand.

SPRING GARLIC: We have it bunched and bulk! It has a short season (only a couple of weeks left), so get it while you can!  


*Uncle Matt’s (UM) – Clermont, Florida*Spring Thyme Herbs (STH) – Hockessin, Delaware*Mushroom Specialties – West Grove, Pennsylvania*Kauffman’s Fruit Farm (KFF)-Bird In Hand, PA*Homestead Organic Farms (HOF) – Homestead, Florida*Foote Brook (FB)-Johnson, VT*Cranberry Hill Farm (CHF) – Plymouth, Massachusetts*Wood Prairie Farm Potatoes - ME *Kiwi Korners – Danville, Pennsylvania*Porter Farm – Elba, New York

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