Weekly Availability List

Posted 9/16/2016 1:00pm by Emily Best.

Grower Craig Lembke up in NY State has alerted us that his HUGE harvest of concord grapes is almost ready to go. We are expecting 2-3 shipments of these grapes over the next several weeks, with the first arriving this THURSDAY Sept 22nd. We will initially offer these grapes in 12 x 1 qt cases, priced at $42 with a bulk discount of $40. If you are interested in very large quantities, please contact us for special pricing. We are happy to take pre-orders today!  

I’m excited to be heading down to VA and DC this weekend, first for FARMAID and then for a fun day in the district getting some good food. At FARMAID I’ll be staffing the National Young Farmers Coalition booth as well as speaking about the Good Food Economy in Appalachia, so if you plan to be there, please stop by and introduce yourself!  


CARROTS: Never the most exciting item but always a staple. We’re seeing harvests pick up, especially for our standard orange carrots. We also have lots of 2nds/juice carrots available for those of you who are processing the carrots. Our carrots are always very flavorful!  

RADISHES: Along with carrots, the radishes are ready to pick! Lots of different varieties available. Try the Red Caps by Jake Stoltzfus at Sunrise – he’s particularly proud of this crop!  

PAWPAWS: We will have a LIMITED amount of these hyperlocal fruits available – get them while you can. Don Lake is harvesting them as I write so we won’t know the final amount – first come first serve.

Posted 9/13/2016 12:54pm by Emily Best.

Peak September weather happening over here right now: cool mornings, gentle breezes, clear skies. And that weather leads to the delights of fall, many of which are starting to appear on our list!  

We are seeing broccoli starting to come in – the photo at left is the broccoli growing at Walnut Ridge Farm run by Jake and Sara Stoltzfus. They are new broccoli growers this year and so far, it is looking beautiful! I’m excited to eat my first broccoli of the season – I remember being so surprised at how flavorful and sweet the New Morning Farm broccoli was the first time I tried it.   We’re also getting heavy into winter squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes and radishes. BUT – we don’t want to rush you. We also still have lots of MELONS, TOMATOES, and PEPPERS available!  


KIWI BERRIES: This is it, folks. You’ve got this one chance to get your kiwi berries and then they’ll be gone. The growers at Kiwi Korners faced a greater than 80% crop loss this year, so supplies are very limited. I personally LOVE these tiny hardy kiwis and suggest them to everyone to try!  

HEIRLOOM TOMATOES: Hope you’re not over tomatoes yet because we’re still going! Lots of beautiful mixed heirlooms available this week.  

FINGERLING POTATOES: Check out our post on Instagram today for a virtual tour of our fingerling varieties. The LaRattes and the Purple Peruvian are both coming from Steve Stoltzfus at Hickory Nut Farm (and he is very proud of his purple taters!)  

Posted 9/9/2016 1:51pm by Emily Best.

Emily is out of the office giving a presentation to agricultural trainers outside of Gettysburg, so Taylor and I will be manning (womaning?) the phones and emails today! I hope everyone is enjoying the tail end of summer, and soaking up the sunshine and heat while we still can. Check out the delicious summer crops still available on our list, and start thinking about fall/winter (yep I said it!) produce.  


WATERMELONS: We are surprised to see that we are still being offered melons. In particular, we have strong numbers of the yellow seedless 2-3ct. Emily and I both have been on a bit of a watermelon bender, so we are certainly happy to see these still on our list!  

PEPPERS: We are still being offered impressive quantities of red, purple, and yellow bell peppers. We also have a lot of Carmen Corno di Toro red peppers on our list for Tuesday, and quite a variety of hot peppers. I made a deliciously colorful bell pepper stir fry, with just the right amount of zing!  

RASPBERRIES: We may have raspberries available for delivery Tuesday. These are a very tentative item so they are not going on the list, but if you are interested in ordering some, please let the sales team know and we will see what we can do!      


*Uncle Matt’s (UM) – Clermont, Florida *Spring Thyme Herbs (STH) – Hockessin, Delaware *Mushroom Specialties – West Grove, Pennsylvania*Kauffman’s Fruit Farm (KFF)-Bird In Hand, PA*Homestead Organic Farms (HOF) – Homestead, Florida *Foote Brook (FB)-Johnson, VT *Cranberry Hill Farm (CHF) – Plymouth, Massachusetts *Wood Prairie Farm Potatoes - ME *Kiwi Korners – Danville, Pennsylvania *Porter Farm – Elba, New York

Posted 9/6/2016 12:40pm by Emily Best.

It seems as though our heirloom tomatoes have peaked, but we still have plenty available! We’ve also been told by many of our red field tomato growers that this is the week to get ‘em, as they predict they’ll start seeing their numbers drop soon. It seems to be great timing as it certainly feels like summer tomato weather again this week. Emily will be out of the office on Friday giving a presentation to agricultural trainers, so I’ll be sending out the list again. Just a heads up if something doesn’t look quite right!  


BI-COLOR SWEET CORN: It seems to have been a tough year for organic corn, so we are definitely excited to see some of this on our list. Please note: we have been told that there is some worm damage and many of the tips are not filled out, so we are again not suggesting our corn for retailers. It is still deliciously sweet, so restaurants, chefs, and buying clubs fear not!  

BELL PEPPERS: We are being offered impressive quantities of green, red, purple, yellow and mixed bell peppers. These growers are having a bumper crop year!  

SQUASH:  Winter squash already?? Yep, that’s right! We’ve got it. But don’t forget about those raven zucchini, because we still have lots available!      


*Uncle Matt’s (UM) – Clermont, Florida *Spring Thyme Herbs (STH) – Hockessin, Delaware *Mushroom Specialties – West Grove, Pennsylvania *Kauffman’s Fruit Farm (KFF)-Bird In Hand, PA *Homestead Organic Farms (HOF) – Homestead, Florida *Foote Brook (FB)-Johnson, VT *Cranberry Hill Farm (CHF) – Plymouth, Massachusetts *Wood Prairie Farm Potatoes - ME *Kiwi Korners – Danville, Pennsylvania *Porter Farm – Elba, New York

Posted 9/2/2016 12:26pm by Emily Best.

Happy Labor Day weekend! We made it! I personally was quite excited this morning to feel the cool weather, make myself some hot coffee and to wear a light sweater into work. But I’m a fall girl, so this is my favorite time of year. For our growers, it’s a bittersweet time of year. Many are still hustling to harvest the summer veggies, while scrambling to get cover crops in the ground, or mowed on time, and seeding the fall greens. But soon, eventually, things will slow down.  

You’ll start seeing our product availability start to shift: more sweet potatoes, potatoes, and winter squash. We got in the first watermelon radishes and celery this week. We’ve finally got a few cases of head lettuce available. 


MELONS: LOTS OF MELONS still to sell, especially watermelons. Lots of seedless, sugar baby, and yellow doll. Ask Natalie if you’re interested in a bin or bulk purchasing. Need to move!  

RED RASPBERRIES: Our raspberries are coming from New Morning Farm right next store. Their patch is tucked into the hillside, with forests on two sides. Natalie and I both have spent time picking those berries (well, not this year), and it’s an almost meditative experience, besides the scratches on your hands! The berries are just beginning to pick up so we hope to have more in the coming weeks.  

PEPPERS: We’re starting to see more varieties of peppers become available, especially the Carmen Corno di Toro and Padron varieties that were in such high demand earlier in the season. This is also when HOT peppers start heavily producing, so check out our list.

Posted 8/30/2016 12:56pm by Emily Best.

The season is slowly but surely changing… appearing on the list this week is more winter squash, sweet potatoes, and most excitingly, GRAPES. The grapes are a bit tentative because while we know that we are getting 4 varieties in, we won’t be sure about quantities until later Wednesday. If you’re interested in these, please let us know and we’ll do our best to get you what you want. We are also hearing that we may start seeing more raspberries soon, so cross your fingers that they’ll be ramping up production!   We’re also seeing a lot of hot peppers coming in. Our photo today comes from farmer Eric Lichty at Shoestring Acres: he is having a bumper year for his jalapenos and you can see his plants are just loaded!   Lots of melons, tomatoes, and bell peppers are still coming on strong, so summer’s not over yet.


GRAPES: Our grapes come from Craig Lembke who farms on the banks of Lake Erie. He trucks them down to us every Autumn. This year, we’re starting out with four varieties: Jupiter, Fredonia, Buffalo, and Agawam.  They are sold in cases of 12 x 1 qt clamshells.                

Jupiter:  a seedless type with large, oval blue-purple berries with a mild but pleasant flavor.                

Fredonia: a large, deep purple grape, with a sweet, spicy flavor great for eating, juice, jams, or wine.                

Buffalo: a finely flavored early ripening grape, with a juicy-sweet, melting tender flesh.                

Agawam: an old variety red grape, developed in the early 1800’s.  

CHERRY TOMATOES: Our list this week is out of control. Lots of varieties available!!  

WHITE SWEET CORN: We have a limited amount of white sweet corn coming from New Morning Farm. It does have some worms at the tips – 20% of the ears or less will have a worm – so we do NOT recommend this corn for retailing.

Posted 8/26/2016 11:49am by Emily Best.

Just a little vent: We’re hearing from several of our growers that they’re struggling to find reliable workers, as are we in our facility. It’s a huge problem in agriculture and hits us especially hard this time of year. The tomatoes are ripe, the raspberries are coming on, the season’s not over: but who’s going to do the tough seasonal work of picking, packing, and shipping? We’re all paying above minimum wage, sometimes far above it, yet struggle to maintain employees due to the nature of the job. I’ve read a lot of about the shortages of cooks for restaurants, so I know many of you can relate to this frustration. In rural areas, those who want to get ahead often leave to find better paying, more secure jobs, and this leaves agriculture always playing catch up.  

Now, on to the produce…  


HEIRLOOM TOMATOES: Yep, we’ve still got ‘em! In lots of shapes, colors and sizes.  

GARLIC: Our garlic is all cured and dried now, and ready for sales! We have large amounts available and can work on special pricing if interested.  

ONIONS: Lots of onions available, too! Onions are all cured now as well. In the sweet onion category, you may be sent Candy, Walla Walla, or other sweet varieties. If you have a variety preference, please let us know!  

BELL PEPPERS: While not picture in my gazpacho photo above, we do have an abundant supply of bell peppers, especially green bells. But sweet red bells are available now too!

Posted 8/23/2016 12:44pm by Emily Best.

A note on the mints: we’re carrying small amounts of the orange, lemon, berries & cream, and other mints – however, I’m now listing them on the price sheet as “Specialty Mints” as the supply is so variable. If you’re interested in a specialty mint, please let us know when you order, and we will tell you what’s available at that point. Hopefully this helps eliminate some of the shortages.


CHERRY TOMATOES: Finally seeing a good supply of our cherry tomatoes. Sungolds are always a fan favorite with their amazing flavor!  

GREEN BELL PEPPERS: Our growers are still harvesting loads of green bell peppers! While we are starting to see the more popular ripe colored peppers coming in, the green peppers are hanging on and we’ve got lots of them! Time to make stuffed peppers!  

LEEKS: The first of the fall leeks are coming in from Ben Beiler of Sunny Ridge Farm. He’s a young grower, son of long-time grower Daniel Beiler, over in Path Valley. Many of our longstanding growers refused to grow leeks because the price was too low, but Ben was willing to take the chance. You’ll notice that the price is higher this year than it’s been before. That’s because organic leeks are not easy to grow or pack out. They are vulnerable to many pests and diseases which are difficult to control organically. They hold a lot of dirt at harvest, so they take a long time to clean. This all adds up to lots of time spent caring for the crop, and the grower should be able to grow their crop and make a profit, too. I’m always happy to discuss farmer profitability and why sometimes we need to adjust our prices to better accommodate our growers.

Posted 8/19/2016 1:29pm by Emily Best.

We’ve been shorthanded this week as a couple of folks were out with a family emergency. I want to give a shout out to our dock and drivers who put in extra time on top of an already long schedule, and especially to Taylor and Norma, who covered shifts and did double duty. THANK YOU!  

Produce updates: we’re hearing that Grand Gala and Ginger Gold apples will be available for Monday. We’re also having a bit of a blip in green bean harvests so hang tight for beans. And big apologies to those who got late shorted on corn last night. It’s been a bear of a year for sweet corn.


SUGAR BABY WATERMELON: One of our best melons this time of year, the Sugar Babies have a dark green, almost black rind, with a light pink, sweet interior. We have a large supply of the 4-6ct size, and can do some special pricing if interested in large quantities.  

KALE: Now that it’s getting towards the end of August, our kale supply is back up. Lots of green kale available, with smaller quantities of redbor and lacinato. Soon, we’ll even have collards! I still like kale finely chopped into a lettuce and other greens salad, because I’m just too lazy to massage it. A great seller year round!  

ZUCCHINI and SQUASH: After a brief hiatus, summer squash is in full swing (except for those pesky Gold zucchini, which are extra sensitive to weather and susceptible to diseases). Lots of raven, yellow squash, and patty pans available. If you’ll believe, this season doesn’t last forever so make sure you get your fill.  

BASILS: Not too much Italian basil available, but we’ve got purple, lime, and Thai basils available this week.  Try these unique, bright summer herbs before they’re gone!  

Posted 8/16/2016 12:35pm by Emily Best.

The weather up here has been so strange lately: it’s currently SUNNY and RAINING at the same time. The past week has been the same—pop up storms, sunny patches, high humidity. Very uncomfortable conditions for the farmers out in the field!  

Melons are still going strong this week and we’re hearing from the growers that they have 2nd plantings yet to harvest. So keep eating those melons, folks. There are more to come! 


OKRA:  These last few weeks of high temperatures is finally paying off, at least in terms of our OKRA availability! Finally, we are seeing a large supply of okra. We can even put it on a 3-case discount price this week! If you’ve been craving this peak summer item, now’s the time. Pickle, grill, fry – lots of options for okra.  

JALAPENO PEPPERS: LOTS of these beautiful peppers available this week. Great in a stir fry, pickled, or to heat up your gazpacho, these peppers are spicy without being intimidating. If you’re interested in large quantity bulk pricing, let us know.  

GOLD POTATOES: Steven Hostetler at Back Forty Farm wants to move these gold potatoes while they’re still new, so we’ve dropped the price. These are TASTY potatoes. Small and mediums are most plentiful, but we’ve got a few larges and minis hanging around too. Excellent in a salad with green beans, shallots and fresh herbs.  

PEARS: We are getting in the first of the autumn fruits: Bartlett Pears. We have these in number 1 and number 2 quality. The number 2s look really great – just a couple of dings or dents, nothing soft or rotten, so consider the number 2s for baking, juicing or processing.

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