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Posted 7/19/2016 11:19am by Emily Best.

We’re sorry to report that the tomato forecast is still slow. Hearing from growers every day that they will be coming soon… But we’ve got lots of these beautiful patty pan squash instead!    

Baby greens are back, we’re seeing a few melons, and possibly some sweet corn are arriving this week. We’re also starting to see more peppers coming in.  

Many of our herbs are in very small quantities so please order those early. We can also do pre-orders for herbs; if this is something you’re interested in, please contact Emily or Natalie.      


CARROTS: Lots of carrots of all colors currently available. Carrots aren’t just for winter (though we’ll have a steady supply through March)!  

RADISHES: Our farmers just love planting radishes—we’ve got many varieties for this time of year, especially the Easter Egg mix (an awkward name for mid-summer, but we’ll take it). Looking for something to pickle? Try some cute radishes!  

GREEN PEPPERS: The flood of green peppers has begun. We’re seeing these crunchy bells coming in strong. Soon, we’ll have more colored bell peppers, but for now, go for green.  

YELLOW SQUASH: Green and raven zucchini are in a bit of a slump right now, with our growers between plantings, but we do have lots of yellow squash available. Tastes just as a good as the green varieties!

Posted 7/15/2016 11:47am by Emily Best.

Starting to see garlic appear on the list. Right now, we mostly have fresh garlic, uncured, which has a milder flavor than cured garlic. Fresh garlic is a short season—we won’t have it for long!  

The hot and muggy weather is still affecting the production of greens right now; all we have available are bunched greens. No lettuce or baby greens mixes available at the moment.  

This time last year, we were starting to see melons and tree fruits come in. We’re hearing from growers that everything is a couple weeks behind, so be patient! We’re all anxiously awaiting these sweet arrivals.  


CABBAGE: Jake Stoltzfus at Sunrise Farm has produced a huge crop of summer cabbage this year – we have green cabbage and red cabbage, at various sizes. Time to make some slaw!  

ONIONS: Soo many onions available right now. Sweet, red, sweet red, all sizes, etc. I personally love a good sweet onions – gentle on the eyes and the stomach, and they cook up so nice.  

KALE: Without lettuce available, go for a kale salad: lightly massage the leaves for a fresh green (or red!) salad.  

PEA SHOOTS: Missing peas already? Enjoy some pea shoots and remember that delicate sweet flavor. Plus, since we don’t have a lettuce mix available, these pea shoots could help fill that empty spot on the plate.

Posted 7/12/2016 12:39pm by Emily Best.

So, while we are hearing from growers that we will have millions of pounds of tomatoes coming soon, unfortunately this week we don’t have any heirloom tomatoes. Our main early grower came up short this week and so we only have the red hothouse available! But get ready! We will have more next week, we promise!   Other incoming items: peppers, eggplants, and okra! We are also hoping to have sweet corn soon! This week we have lots of blueberries to move!    


BEETS: Starting to see more types of beets come in. Right now, the most numerous  type of beets are the mixed variety beets, usually red, gold, Chioggia, and white beets. Summer beets are tender and sweet, great in salads.  

FENNEL: Mark Stanley at Help From Above has LOTS of fennel. We typically sell it in 10 lb cases but we can also do 20 lb if interested. There are about 24 heads in a 20 lb case. Very aromatic!

GOLD ZUCCHINI: Finally have a steady supply of gold zucchini. Brighten up your plate!

PARSLEY:  Available bunched or bulk, parsley is an excellent herb for fresh salads (tabbouleh, anyone)?

Posted 7/8/2016 10:42am by Emily Best.

Read a great review of Kyirisan in the Post yesterday and came across a little gem of wisdom from Tom Sietsema that CARROTS ARE THE NEW KALE. Some thoughts on this: We’ve been waiting to see what the “new kale” would be for years…some have thought cauliflower (flash in the pan, as it were), some said brussels sprouts (too high maintenance), but now, carrots…I think this is it, the real “new kale.” Carrots are so versatile, plus they are available locally most months of the year, and they come in the most gorgeous colors. And what great timing for this pronouncement! Our growers are harvesting more summer carrots every day, so get on trend and get some carrots! We should have them available from now until… March!      


Rhubarb: It’s back! In smaller quantities than the spring. Rhubarb can be harvested all summer long, as long as you care for the plant properly by not allowing it to flower, and thinning away the smallest stalks. And of course, keep it well watered! And rhubarb’s not just for strawberries – while we don’t have berries on the list today, you can pair it with other seasonal fruit, or go savory!  

New Potatoes: Getting in a nice variety of colors and sizes of new potatoes now – I’ve been lunching on a green bean, potato, and it’s been perfect for these hot summer days!  

Zucchini + Summer Squash: Still going, folks! Lots of varieties available. I’d always been underwhelmed with squash but have come to really appreciate its subtle flavors this summer. Lots of creative things to do with squash – get it on the grill to beat the heat.  

Posted 7/5/2016 11:56am by Emily Best.

  Hope you all enjoyed your holiday! I had a wonderful weekend eating lots of the veggies featured in today’s photo (and can’t wait to tuck into today’s lunch of leftovers): bean, potato and basil salad, a quinoa tabbouleh, and sautéed squash. And of course the classic mozzarella/tomato/basil combo.  

Now I’m just waiting to get my hands on some carrots, which each week we’re getting in more and more… Saw a carrot waffle recipe recently which sounds quite delicious!  


Peas: We’ve still got ‘em !! Snow peas, snap peas and English peas seem to be thriving in these unseasonably mild temps. But probably won’t last long!  

Heirloom Tomatoes!! Starting to see these gorgeous orbs of flavor coming in strong now! Most are coming from Daniel Beiler at Sunny Ridge Farm. These 10# flats will be a mix of pink, purple, and yellow tomatoes, and they are all so flavorful!  

Green Kale + Collards: Still have lots of these dark leafy greens available! Get your vitamins / minerals / fiber / etc in an organic and tasty way!  

Cucumbers: cool as always, we have lots of varieties available this week but especially have lots of Divas and Euro cukes!  

Green + Napa Cabbage: Grower Jake Stoltzfus has been producing some LARGE cabbage and napa cabbage heads. If you’re into kimchi, sauerkraut, coleslaw—now’s the time to buy! Let us know if you’re interested in a bulk quantity order and we can work out a deal!

Posted 7/1/2016 11:15am by Emily Best.

Happy Independence Day! I hope many of you are able to get out and enjoy a long weekend, or at least relax at a pool for a few hours.  

We have lots of produce available, finally. Cucumbers of many varieties and sizes, summer squash, fennel, beans, peas, and more. We’re starting to get in Heirloom tomatoes, too!  Look for new lower prices on many items.  

We’re also hearing that BLUEBERRIES are in the short-term forecast; hoping we’ll have some for Friday deliveries. We do have a few black raspberries for Tuesday delivery; not yet sure about Friday.  We’re also hoping for a little bit of sweet corn to start coming in soon!  

A couple reminders: 1) order early!! It helps us better calibrate what to bring in to get you what you want.  2) Let us know if you’re interested in bulk quantities—we can often do special pricing on larger orders!  


Lettuce, Small Heads: We’re in a bit of a lull with full size head lettuce so we brought in some small head lettuce. It’s beautiful and tasty; give it a try.  

Fennel: This mild, flavorful vegetable is versatile and a great way to add flavor to a salad. You can eat the ribs, too!  

Radicchio: This heirloom green is coming from Tony Ricci at Green Heron Farm; bitter and full of flavor, it’s an excellent addition to many plates!  

Green Kale, 24 ct: Mark Stanley at Help From Above is flooded with kale so it’s on the list at an AMAZING price!

Posted 6/28/2016 12:03pm by Emily Best.

Things are certainly getting busy for our growers and for the staff here at TOG, but that means good things for all of you - so many options for fresh, delicious, local produce!  We WILL be making our regular delivery runs on July 5th, so keep that in mind!

Yesterday I attended a Food Safety meeting in Harrisburg, and heard from the PA Secretary of Agriculture what the state will be doing to prepare for some of the new laws coming up. Our growers are concerned about increased regulation but I’m confident that together we will be able to ensure a safe food supply AND profitable, functional small farms.  


Basil: Pesto, tomato sauce, paired with fresh sliced tomato and mozzarella! Yum, yum, and yum! So many possibilities!

Collards: Someone once suggested to me to steam collards and use them as the wrap in fresh spring rolls. That was a SMART someone.

Kale: ‘Tis the season for kale! We are waist deep in green kale and lacinato. Diva Cucumbers: Get these smooth-skinned cucumbers while they’re still here!


Posted 6/24/2016 11:04am by Emily Best.

Lots more product is coming in. We may not have new potatoes available for Tuesday delivery but we do expect to see more for Friday. We’re starting to see bulk carrots and beets, and we are just swimming in zucchini (as are most farmers in the region)! Lots of Napa cabbage about to come in, more cucumbers, and sugar snaps are still going. More sweet and red onions on their way in, too.  

We’re in between berry seasons – hoping for black raspberries to ripen here in a quick minute so keep an eye out for them in the next week or so.        


Baby Carrots with Tops: These beautiful bunches are full of carrot-y goodness, from the root to the leave tip! We’ve got orange bunches or mixed “rainbow” bunches, and the carrots are getting a little bigger each week.  

Fresh Bunching Onions: We’re getting the  majority of these onions from Landisdale Farm, and they’re sending us a few varieties. The Candy and the Walla Walla are both sweet onions, and at this stage, similar in appearance and flavor (delicious either way!). We’ve also got red bunching onions, round and torpedo varieties, plus a few cases of baby bunched onions.  

Diva Cucumbers: Still going! AND with a NEW LOW PRICE!  

Chard, all colors: Tis the season for chard! Rainbow, red, green…we’ve got it! Let’s move it!

Posted 6/17/2016 11:51am by Emily Best.

Summer is (just about) here and so is summer squash! We are especially seeing lots of raven and green zucchinis, but the other varieties are slowly but surely getting ready for harvest.   We are also hearing that GREEN BEANS are just about ready to be harvested, so keep an eye out for those soon. We’ve lowered the price on basil and tomatoes as those items are increasing in availability.   I had an amazing dinner last night with produce from New Morning Farm – first course: summer squash, a handful of green beans, and garlic scapes, sautéed in olive oil, with a dash of salt. Second course: thickly sliced red tomatoes, torn up basil, and sliced mozzarella, heavy on the black pepper. It is truly a GIFT to be able to eat produce so fresh and delicious!  


BABY CARROTS WITH TOPS! We got in a few of these for today’s deliveries and are expecting to see more for Tuesday and into the next few weeks! These carrots should be super sweet and tender. We’re getting in more orange carrots, but also a few cases of mixed (rainbow) color carrots. These have big beautiful tops, and remember the tops are edible, too!  

TOMATOES: The price keeps coming down as Daniel from Sunny Ridge sends us more and more hothouse tomatoes. It’ll still be a few weeks before we move into field tomatoes, but these are super flavorful and becoming more affordable.  

DANDELION GREENS: Mark Stanley at Help from Above Farm has an abundance of dandelion greens. These bitters greens would be great with some garlic scapes, lemon, and olive oil.

Posted 6/14/2016 11:19am by Emily Best.

The summer sure is off to a slow start… every day we are hoping that the list bulks up but all we’re seeing is greens! I suppose we shouldn’t complain; only 6 months ago we were complaining there weren’t enough greens. And, sorry to say, but seems like our strawberry season has come to an abrupt end.  

We are starting to see more summer squash come in, especially the dark green ravens. You’ll also see some “Number 2” squash on the list. A few of our growers suffered a hail storm last week and many of their crops were damaged. The Number 2 squash has small pockmarks from hail. We think this should still be fine for restaurants/soup producers and you’ll find it at a lower price point.  

I had never seen fava beans growing before last week, when I visited Country View and they showed me their bean patch, just about ready to pick. We hopefully will have more of these beans available for Friday delivery.  


Costata Romanesco Zucchini: I’ve noticed that this squash is a much slower seller than the raven zucchini. Can anyone tell me why? The costata is so flavorful and nutty, crunchy, and looks much more interesting the boring old ravens! And it’s an heirloom variety!  

White Hammon Sweet Potatoes: This is it, folks, til the fall. Buy ‘em up now while you still can.  

Scallions: Still lots of these coming out of the fields! So flavorful.  

Garlic Scapes: would be delicious with some scallions, some costata zucchini, a little fresh basil thrown in at the end…delightful!

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