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Posted 8/23/2016 12:44pm by Emily Best.

A note on the mints: we’re carrying small amounts of the orange, lemon, berries & cream, and other mints – however, I’m now listing them on the price sheet as “Specialty Mints” as the supply is so variable. If you’re interested in a specialty mint, please let us know when you order, and we will tell you what’s available at that point. Hopefully this helps eliminate some of the shortages.


CHERRY TOMATOES: Finally seeing a good supply of our cherry tomatoes. Sungolds are always a fan favorite with their amazing flavor!  

GREEN BELL PEPPERS: Our growers are still harvesting loads of green bell peppers! While we are starting to see the more popular ripe colored peppers coming in, the green peppers are hanging on and we’ve got lots of them! Time to make stuffed peppers!  

LEEKS: The first of the fall leeks are coming in from Ben Beiler of Sunny Ridge Farm. He’s a young grower, son of long-time grower Daniel Beiler, over in Path Valley. Many of our longstanding growers refused to grow leeks because the price was too low, but Ben was willing to take the chance. You’ll notice that the price is higher this year than it’s been before. That’s because organic leeks are not easy to grow or pack out. They are vulnerable to many pests and diseases which are difficult to control organically. They hold a lot of dirt at harvest, so they take a long time to clean. This all adds up to lots of time spent caring for the crop, and the grower should be able to grow their crop and make a profit, too. I’m always happy to discuss farmer profitability and why sometimes we need to adjust our prices to better accommodate our growers.

Posted 8/19/2016 1:29pm by Emily Best.

We’ve been shorthanded this week as a couple of folks were out with a family emergency. I want to give a shout out to our dock and drivers who put in extra time on top of an already long schedule, and especially to Taylor and Norma, who covered shifts and did double duty. THANK YOU!  

Produce updates: we’re hearing that Grand Gala and Ginger Gold apples will be available for Monday. We’re also having a bit of a blip in green bean harvests so hang tight for beans. And big apologies to those who got late shorted on corn last night. It’s been a bear of a year for sweet corn.


SUGAR BABY WATERMELON: One of our best melons this time of year, the Sugar Babies have a dark green, almost black rind, with a light pink, sweet interior. We have a large supply of the 4-6ct size, and can do some special pricing if interested in large quantities.  

KALE: Now that it’s getting towards the end of August, our kale supply is back up. Lots of green kale available, with smaller quantities of redbor and lacinato. Soon, we’ll even have collards! I still like kale finely chopped into a lettuce and other greens salad, because I’m just too lazy to massage it. A great seller year round!  

ZUCCHINI and SQUASH: After a brief hiatus, summer squash is in full swing (except for those pesky Gold zucchini, which are extra sensitive to weather and susceptible to diseases). Lots of raven, yellow squash, and patty pans available. If you’ll believe, this season doesn’t last forever so make sure you get your fill.  

BASILS: Not too much Italian basil available, but we’ve got purple, lime, and Thai basils available this week.  Try these unique, bright summer herbs before they’re gone!  

Posted 8/16/2016 12:35pm by Emily Best.

The weather up here has been so strange lately: it’s currently SUNNY and RAINING at the same time. The past week has been the same—pop up storms, sunny patches, high humidity. Very uncomfortable conditions for the farmers out in the field!  

Melons are still going strong this week and we’re hearing from the growers that they have 2nd plantings yet to harvest. So keep eating those melons, folks. There are more to come! 


OKRA:  These last few weeks of high temperatures is finally paying off, at least in terms of our OKRA availability! Finally, we are seeing a large supply of okra. We can even put it on a 3-case discount price this week! If you’ve been craving this peak summer item, now’s the time. Pickle, grill, fry – lots of options for okra.  

JALAPENO PEPPERS: LOTS of these beautiful peppers available this week. Great in a stir fry, pickled, or to heat up your gazpacho, these peppers are spicy without being intimidating. If you’re interested in large quantity bulk pricing, let us know.  

GOLD POTATOES: Steven Hostetler at Back Forty Farm wants to move these gold potatoes while they’re still new, so we’ve dropped the price. These are TASTY potatoes. Small and mediums are most plentiful, but we’ve got a few larges and minis hanging around too. Excellent in a salad with green beans, shallots and fresh herbs.  

PEARS: We are getting in the first of the autumn fruits: Bartlett Pears. We have these in number 1 and number 2 quality. The number 2s look really great – just a couple of dings or dents, nothing soft or rotten, so consider the number 2s for baking, juicing or processing.

Posted 8/12/2016 1:06pm by Emily Best.

  This summer is bursting out the seams. Melons, tomatoes, peppers—so much abundance! Right now we are seeing a huge influx of CANTALOUPES, 6-9 ct sizing. If interested in bin quantities, please let us know and we can work with you on special pricing.  

Also new this week: as a result of slower than expected heirloom tomato sales due to a flooded marketplace, we’re bringing back the “TOG Overly Ripes,” where you’ll find RIPE heirlooms at rock bottom prices. Great for restaurants, not so great for retail. Use now!  

And in a surprise turn of events, we’ll have some spaghetti squash available, with more winter squash soon to arrive. We know: you don’t want to be rushed into fall. But spaghetti squash goes great with summer produce!   


REDBOR KALE: We’ve been a little low on kale recently due to the hot temps but the redbor is holding strong! Soon it will cool off and we’ll have high numbers of the more popular varieties, but if you’re in need of kale and want some pop on your plate, choose red!  

CHERRY TOMATOES: Not a huge year for our famous Sungolds but we do half a great mix of other types of cherry tomatoes, including the MIXED Variety pints. Quite lovely and tasty. Lots of black cherries, red, and yellows available.

Posted 8/9/2016 12:45pm by Emily Best.

You’ll see a few early apples (#2 quality) and early pears from our orchardist, Benjamin Peachy. We’ll hopefully have more apples and pears coming soon. Unfortunately no more peaches this season – the early warm spell and following frost destroyed his season. But the apples and pears are looking good so far!    


CANTALOUPES: Our cantaloupe supply is going strong, especially the 6-9 ct size. Sweet, juicy, and delicious (and hydrating on these hot days!).  

EGGPLANT: Starting to see a steady supply of Italian eggplants available. I’m not a huge eggplant fan, but I roasted a couple this week and then made some quick baba ghanoush in my blender. Delicious! We’re also seeing some specialty and baby eggplants available.  

MT MAGIC: Mt. Magic tomatoes are available two ways: in 10 lb flats or as “cocktail tomatoes” in qts. Mt. Magic are like a super charged red cherry tomato, and are grown primarily because they are resistant to late blight (no sign of that yet this year). But they are also delicious, and a perfect size. Great for salads, particularly.  

BASIL: Still hanging on! We’ve heard that the basil downy mildew has been spotted in NJ and Western PA, but no sign of it here yet, so we’re still able to offer basil. Last year we ran out before tomato season really got going, but fortunately this year, we can still offer this classic combo!

Posted 8/5/2016 1:10pm by Emily Best.

This season is a real learning experience for me – figuring out the ups and downs of supply and demand, what folks want when, and what is growing abundantly. One huge priority for the co-op over the slow season will be to address some of the dips and peaks in supply – even things out to ensure a steady supply throughout the season. Our goal is to be a reliable supplier of high quality, local, organic produce, and we know there’s always room for improvement. There will be a few unexpected shortages this week (low on squash and kale); please bear with us through this dip.  


GARLIC: Lots of garlic available! I just switched from using garlic scapes to fresh garlic cloves and I can’t get enough of it. Full flavored, not too strong, delicious.  

HOT PEPPERS: The hot peppers are starting to come in! Jalapenos are most abundant, but look for hot wax and banana peppers too. Feel the burn!  

LARATTE FINGERLING POTATOES: Farmer Stevie Stoltzfus’s harvest came early this year and his LaRatte’s are ready to go! Lovely little potatoes. These will be available for a while but get a head start!  

RADISHES: Well, not the most special item this time of year, but we do have lots of radishes available and they are super cute, crunchy and tasty!

Posted 8/2/2016 12:18pm by Emily Best.

Finally, we’ve gotten some rain around here! We’re hearing from the tomato growers that the ‘maters are ripening up very quickly now, so look to see reduced prices on mixed heirlooms, red field tomatoes, and our straight heirloom cases (Cherokees, Brandywines, and Prudens Purple).  

I’ve been eating my fair share of tomatoes: made my first batch of gazpacho and have been enjoying the classic combo of sliced tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella cheese.  

Other notes: One of our growers from northern PA reports that he could soon have WINTER squash available, can you believe that?          

HIGHLIGHTS:   BICOLOR SWEET CORN: Corn bonanza this week! A couple growers have big harvests this week, so you’ll see great pricing on the list. This corn is beautiful, juicy, and sweet. Let us know if you are interested in a large order (10+ cases).  

HEIRLOOM TOMATOES: yes, we have lots of mixed heirlooms BUT we also have a wonderful selection of straight cases – beautiful heirlooms like Cherokee Purples, Brandywines, and Prudens Purple. These tomatoes are all lovely and so flavorful, and we suspect we’ll have them around for the next few weeks as the growers are predicting a bumper crop.  

RED FIELD TOMATOES: The classic round red tomato, we’ve got these in abundance. Excellent for soup, freezing, sandwiches, etc. Talk to us about special pricing if interested in a deal.  

CHERRY TOMATOES: Lots of sungolds and mixed variety cherries available this week!

Posted 7/29/2016 11:44am by Emily Best.

Tomatoes are a-coming. Spoke with one of our biggest heirloom growers yesterday and he told me that within the next 10 days, we should be seeing extremely high volumes of the heirlooms coming out of the fields. We’re already starting to see lots of field tomatoes, and with these high temps and sunny days, they should all be ripening quick! So if you are planning your menus or your stores’ special deals, keep our tomatoes in mind!   I also touched base with our grape grower up in NY State and he reports that it’s very dry up there, which means the grapes will have a high sugar content! He’s expecting the first harvest to come in at the end of August.   Lots of great items on the list for Tuesday: eggplants are starting to come in, as are more hot peppers, and LOADS of melons. Seriously. Eat some melons, make some watermelon gazpacho, salad, juice, whatever you need to do!    


BABY CARROTS: Ok, not so glamorous. But we’ve got lots of mixed color baby carrots and deep purple baby carrots, so many that they are on a special deal this week to try to move ‘em out!  

SLICING CUCUMBERS #2: We are hearing from several growers that it is NOT a good year for cucumbers, and our numbers are reflecting that. We are getting in lots of 2nds cucumbers, which are a bit uglier than they should be because they’ve got some bug damage and/or scarring. But they are perfect for soups, juice, or salads.  

MELONS: Leaving this one on here because it’s just that time. So many varieties and sizes!  

NEW POTATOES: Lots of gold and red new potatoes still available. This season won’t last forever; in another 6-8 weeks we’ll start bringing in regular old thicker skinned taters.

Posted 7/26/2016 10:41am by Emily Best.

Don’t look any further, folks, because we can meet ALL of your tomato needs! Lots of sungolds, heirlooms, and red field tomatoes.  Let’s move these ‘maters! Talk to us about special large order pricing if interested.   While the hot temps are great for the produce—the melons get sweeter, the tomatoes ripen, and the peppers grow—we’re hearing from our farmers that they’re struggling with the recent lack of rain. Pray for rain or do a rain dance for us – even our growers with irrigation are seeing their ponds shrinking and their creeks drying up.    

HIGHLIGHTS:   RED FIELD TOMATOES: I think it’s officially gazpacho time! Lots of tomatoes of all colors available right now – and the red field tomatoes are coming on strong.  

BELL PEPPERS MIX: While we wait for full cases of red, orange and yellow bells, check out our mixed bell peppers – a lovely mix of peppers of all colors. These beauties perk up any grocery display, grilling skewer, or salad plate.  

MELONS: Of all shapes and sizes (well, not quite). Loads of cantaloupes coming in, lots of watermelons, and a large variety of size options for you to choose from. I can’t wait to eat more watermelon. The perfect ingredient for this hot weather!  

BEETS: Beets aren’t just for the fall and winter! We have lots of beets now—gold, Chioggia, red—and they are just great steamed or very thinly sliced, raw, for the summer. I like a fresh beet refrigerator “pickle:” a little olive oil and vinegar, and herb of your choice, let marinate overnight and enjoy a refreshing side dish the next day.

Posted 7/22/2016 3:13pm by Emily Best.

Tomatoes have arrived! Lots of mixed heirlooms, red tomatoes, and a few straight heirloom varieties, plus cherry tomatoes! Wohoo!  

Regarding okra: we know many of you have been trying to order it recently and have been disappointed when it turns out we don’t have any to send. We have several farmers growing okra, and it’s a slow start this year. Additionally, the growers are often projecting more than what actually arrives. We may have some cases available for Tuesday delivery, but we did not include it on the list. If you do want okra, please indicate that in your order, but know that it is still extremely tentative! Thank you!  


SLICING CUCUMBERS: We’re starting to see lots of cucumbers! Slicing cucumbers are great standard cucumbers—many people will peel these cucumbers but it’s not always necessary. We also have number 2 slicers – slightly misshapen or scarred – and excellent for making gazpacho or salads. Beat the heat with cool cucumbers!  

NEW POTATOES: We have LOTS of new potatoes available right now of various lovely colors and varieties. Let’s move ‘em!  

TOMATOES: I have a feeling you’ll be seeing these on the list for the next several weeks. Get ready for everything ‘mater.  

BASIL: Still going strong this summer! The weather has been cooperating and many of our growers will have this fragrant herb, just in time for tomato season.  

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