Weekly Availability List

Posted 1/10/2017 10:27am by Emily Best.

  We’re getting the list out quickly today as we are headed out of the office this afternoon for our annual meeting. We’re hoping to see over 35 of our member growers in attendance, and plan to vote to add two new members (who’ve been growing with us for at least a couple years already). And just to add a bit of fun to the morning, it snowed an inch around here! So will make for some exciting travel (don’t worry, we’re all cautious drivers round here).  

We’re expecting another batch of russet potatoes to arrive by Thursday but just in case they don’t arrive, you’ll find them on the tentative list.  


FAVA and SUNFLOWER SHOOTS: We’re pleased to be able to offer these delicate shoots grown by Salina Peachey at Greenbriar Farm. We just lowered the price as she’s harvesting a lot so try them out this week!  

BABY LETTUCE HEADS: We’re a bit low on our greens this week but Mark Stanley at Help From Above Farm has a good supply of baby lettuce heads available in both green and red romaine. Very cute, tender, and tasty.  

PARSNIPS: Haven’t featured these yet this year as I wasn’t sure what our supply would be like. But fortunately looks like we’ll have them around for a while. Looks like a carrot but tastes oh-so-sweet. Great for roasting.  

PURPLE DAIKONS: Grower Solomon Beiler grew some specialty purple daikons and we’re happy to add them to the list this week. They’re an elongated purple radish, with a great radish flavor.  

WINTER SQUASH: The farmers at New Morning Farm realized they had more Sweet Dumplings and Acorn Squash than they needed, so now we get to sell it! The Acorn squash is mature so the outer rind is now golden. We’re confident these are still good to eat and should be quite tasty!

Posted 1/6/2017 10:40am by Emily Best.

Well, we got our first real snow here last night: a full two inches! Fortunately it came down early enough that it didn’t affect our deliveries or our commutes.  

Winter greens update:  we will be short on sweet & spicy going forward (until it regrows). For this week, look for baby spinach, baby lettuce heads, and baby/young kales and chards.  

We are receiving more produce from Eastern Carolina Organics this week: head lettuce, bunched kale, collards and mustard greens, spring onions, and 1 lb bulk cilantro. We’re excited about these products as it helps keep our team busier and (hopefully!) makes our list a bit more appealing during these sparse winter months.  

In some personal news: I am due to have a baby in just a little over a week, and will be out on maternity leave for a couple of months! Natalie and Taylor, plus the rest of the TOG team, will be keeping things steady here in the office.     


BLUE OYSTER MUSHROOMS : Don Lake of Lakewood Farm tells us he is having a bumper crop of blue oyster mushrooms! It’s not often we get a bumper crop of anything in January, so try out these delicacies. They’re super nutritious and so beautiful.  

ALL BLUE POTATOES: These taters are coming from Maine, and available in 50 lb cases. They’re blue inside and out and keep their color if you roast them.  

PURPLE STRIPED GARLIC: We’re getting a big delivery of purple striped garlic on Monday from Specktown Green Meadows. This is a very flavorful garlic and so named for the purple stripes on the wrappers and skins. The cloves may be slightly smaller than the red garlic.

Posted 1/3/2017 12:07pm by Emily Best.

Check out the list: I’ve brought back the “winter greens” section on the first page of the sales list, including any microgreens or shoots that we have available. It’s a one stop shop for anything leafy (besides cabbage and herbs)!  

We will have gold potatoes this week from a grower in PA. You’ll notice both red potatoes and all-blue potatoes from Maine are on the tentative list. We are expecting them both to arrive on Thursday but there’s a chance we won’t get them in.  

We’re getting ready to have our Annual Meeting with all member growers next week. It’s our one time each year to gather, discuss the year in the review, and look forward to the next season. We’re also nearly completed with our crop planning for next year, just a few farm visits left to go. Many of our farmers have already begun purchasing seeds, and soon they will begin some of their earliest crops in the greenhouse. The cycle begins anew.  


RED BEETS: We’re seeing a low supply this year in gold beets but the RED beets are strong! Make your new year’s a sweet one with some beets!  

WATERMELON RADISHES: These lovely radishes look plain on the outside but inside they’re a burst of pink. Perk up a plate or salad with some watermelon radishes (and think of actual watermelons while you’re chopping them up)…  

SCARLET TURNIPS: Continuing with the red theme, scarlet turnips can be eaten raw or cooked. Scarlet turnips are a bit more mild than a purple top. We have these available in baby, regular size (1.5-3 inches ideally) and XLG.

Posted 12/30/2016 11:19am by Emily Best.

Happy New Year, everyone! We’re busy lining up production for next year and already we can see that we’ll need more greens for next winter. Our grower Daniel Beiler at Sunny Ridge Farm has a HUGE greenhouse (not the one pictured today, though), with lots of sweet & spicy, but it seems like we could always sell more. We’ll be a bit low on greens for Tuesday (other than sweet & spicy), but we’re calling everyone to try to bring in as many as we can.  

We also won’t have any bunched greens from Eastern Carolina this week as the logistics didn’t work out over the holiday weekend, but we do intend to have those greens on the list. Similarly, we’re a bit low on potatoes for this delivery but we are receiving a delivery of PA grown Gold Potatoes for Friday deliveries and we’ll be restocked on All-Blue Maine Potatoes soon as well.  


BUTTERNUTS: Still good, folks. Lots of butternuts! Warm up your kitchen while you roast your squash. Butternuts are even good for breakfast!  

CARROTS: Our carrots come in all colors! The mixed cases are especially popular. We expect to have lots of baby mixed available for this week’s sales, too.  

SWEET POTATOES: If you didn’t get enough Vitamin A from your carrots and butternuts, try a sweet potato or two. Versatile and tasty. Easy to prep. Delicious!

Posted 12/23/2016 10:25am by Emily Best.

Happy Holidays! This list is for delivery FRIDAY DECEMBER 30th. Feel free to email your order at any time, or leave a voicemail. The office is closed Saturday Dec 24th – Tuesday Dec 27th. We will follow up with orders on Wednesday the 28th.  

Getting into the time of year where greens are very dependent on sunlight and warmth. You’ll notice sweet & spicy on the tentative list – our grower tells us it just depends on how things go. We do plan to have chard, arugula, and baby lettuce!    


MIXED COLOR CARROTS: Grower Daniel Beiler is an expert color carrot producer and he’s ready to sell sell sell these lovely roots. Ask us about special deals/pack sizes!  

BABY LETTUCE: Need some crispy crunch on your plates? Mark Stanley’s baby lettuce heads will do the job. An awesome offering this time of year.  

RADISHES: A standard and winter classic, lots of colorful radishes are available (and will be, for many months!)  

SWEET POTATOES: Versatile, colorful, and sweet, we have several varieties of sweet potatoes available, including the classic Beauregard (the regular 40 lb cases).  


Posted 12/20/2016 11:09am by Emily Best.

Wow. By the time you get your produce this week, it will officially be winter! Hard to believe we’re at that time of year already. While the root veggies are taking their proper place on our list, we still have a nice assortment of greens and other items to keep you interested. Lots of baby salad greens and kales available this week, plus some HEAD LETTUCE! And of course, the ever popular brussels sprouts. We know we’re always short on these tasty bites and we are trying to recruit new growers for sprouts next year.

Reminder: We will be CLOSED for the Christmas holiday Dec 26th and 27th (meaning NO DELIVERIES on Tuesday the 27th). We will be open as normal all other days, included January 2nd and 3rd – we will deliver as usual on Tuesday the 3rd.  


BEETS: While our gold beet supply is a bit skimpy this winter, we do have an abundance of red and Chioggia beets, in all sizes, including baby! We hear our friends at Chaia are cooking up a beet taco these days – definitely on my “to-try” list! We also have a few cases of beets with tops available, what a specialty this time of year!  

BABY GREEN CHARD: A great way to get some greens into your winter menu, this versatile green grows really well in the winter in our region. The rainbow chard always outshines the green but the green is hardier, so keep it in mind for your chard needs.  

YOUNG GREEN KALE: Trapped in the awkward stage between baby and bunched, young green kale is just as tasty and tender as can be. And abundant! We expect to have young green kale available on a regular basis throughout the cold season. Good for fresh salads or cooked.  

REMEMBER: NO ORDERS TUESDAY. Stock up this Friday for the holiday weekend and early next week! Thank you!

Posted 12/16/2016 11:29am by Emily Best.

I recently read an article predicting food trends in 2017 and it specifically mentioned “purple foods” – we’ve got these lovely All-Blue (aka Purple) potatoes from our friends at Wood Prairie Farm in Maine. We also have purple mizuna in large quantities this week – it’s one of Natalie’s favorites these days.

Reminder: We will be CLOSED for the Christmas holiday Dec 26th and 27th (meaning NO DELIVERIES on Tuesday the 27th). We will be open as normal all other days, included January 2nd and 3rd – we will deliver as usual on Tuesday the 3rd.  


GINGER: Still going strong on our ginger supplies. Amazing with butternuts! And a great product for these cold days, always adds an appreciated heat to any dish.  

MIZUNAS: These frilly greens have a wonderful flavor and texture. Daniel Beiler at Sunny Ridge Farm put up a HUGE high tunnel for winter greens and so he’s got a lot of baby greens to offer us! We have both green and purple mizuna available.  

PARSNIPS: This year’s parsnip crop is not the largest we’ve ever had, and we might not have these sweet roots too far into the winter season. But we’ve got a nice supply now, and these would make an excellent addition to your holiday feast!  

TURNIPS: Look, let’s be honest. A turnip is a turnip. Not too special. But still a winter classic! Fire up those ovens and roast some turnips. Lots of options for flavoring and spicing them up! Like some of our garlic!  

CHESTNUTS: We’re bringing up another shipment of VA grown Chestnuts from ECO in NC- what a perfect treat to be able to offer this time of year!

Posted 12/13/2016 12:00pm by Emily Best.

Had a lovely time on my travels last week, though I did battle some rush hour traffic downtown on Thursday night – I don’t know how people do that daily! It makes me love my commute (two stop signs and no traffic). I also visited two great customers – From the Farmer and Hungry Harvest. So interesting to see and learn from our partners in this foodshed, both doing good works in the food realm supporting local farmers.  

Today’s photo reminds me I still haven’t gotten out to visit Each Peach Market in DC, which always posts lovely seasonal displays!

Reminder: We will be CLOSED for the Christmas holiday Dec 26th and 27th (meaning NO DELIVERIES on Tuesday the 27th). We will be open as normal all other days, included January 2nd and 3rd – we will deliver as usual on Tuesday the 3rd.  


SHALLOTS: Lots of lovely red shallots available. Great flavor and much larger than the typical shallot!  

BUTTERNUTS: Had the most lovely butternut soup recently. A classic winter item to brighten your shelves and your plates.  

BROCCOLI: We have local broccoli available in small heads, and larger heads available from NC. What a treat to have broccoli locally in mid-December!  

KOHLRABI: Available in both green and purple varieties. Delightfully crunchy and juicy for winter produce. Especially delicious with carrots and cabbage in a slaw.

Posted 12/9/2016 10:55am by Emily Best.

Emily is making the rounds in the DC/Maryland/Northern Virginia area today. I heard rumors that she may be enjoying some kombucha on tap (not that I’m jealous or anything...). While I’m not sure what the weather is like out her way today, it certainly is a cold, windy day here at the cooperative. I keep thinking about our growers and how tough they are, working hard to harvest and pack the produce we sell and deliver to our wonderful customers! Check out our list today, as there are some surprises on there! 

Reminder: We will be CLOSED for the Christmas holiday Dec 26th and 27th (meaning NO DELIVERIES on Tuesday the 27th). We will be open as normal all other days, included January 2nd and 3rd – we will deliver as usual on Tuesday the 3rd.    



SMALL HEAD BROCCOLI: We still have a lot of these adorable little nuggets on our list. Not only are they cute, they are healthy, delicious, and easy to prepare (less chopping!).  

GARLIC: We still have a strong supply of red and purple striped garlic. The other night I made a delicious batch of garlic hummus using some of our red garlic. Yum yum!    

GREENS: Tis the season for baby greens! We have lots of arugula, wildfire, mesclun, sweet and spicy, and my personal favorite of the moment- purple mizuna (which I’ve been putting on pretty much everything!). Salad anyone?? We also have more bunched kales and collards from Eastern Carolina Organics in North Carolina. What a treat!  

INTERESTING PRODUCE: For Christmas, my family is exchanging “unusual/rare food items” instead of conventional presents. This is great for me, since I just might know some people who grow produce such as salsify, scorzonera, purple kohlrabi, celeriac, yacon, claytonia, and burdock root.  


*Uncle Matt’s (UM) – Clermont, Florida *Spring Thyme Herbs (STH) – Hockessin, Delaware *Mushroom Specialties – West Grove, Pennsylvania *Kauffman’s Fruit Farm (KFF)-Bird In Hand, PA *Homestead Organic Farms (HOF) – Homestead, Florida *Eastern Carolina Organics (NC) – Durham, NC *Cranberry Hill Farm (CHF) – Plymouth, Massachusetts *Wood Prairie Farm Potatoes - ME *Kiwi Korners – Danville, Pennsylvania *Porter Farm – Elba, New York

Posted 12/6/2016 11:03am by Emily Best.

It’s officially been a year since Natalie and I started at Tuscarora! What a year it’s been…we’ve weathered the great heirloom tomato flood of 2016, found a new cranberry supplier at the last minute, invented new pack sizes to help move more produce, and learned a lot about our coop, our growers, and our customers. Thanks for making it such a special year. We are looking forward to the year to come!

Mark your calendars: We will be CLOSED for the Christmas holiday Dec 26th and 27th (meaning NO DELIVERIES on Tuesday the 27th). We will be open as normal all other days, included January 2nd and 3rd – we will deliver as usual on Tuesday the 3rd.  


FRESH PEANUTS: Elim Beiler at Breezy Hill has been trialing peanut growing and his harvest this year is in! We’ve got a few cases of raw peanuts to move – it’s a one shot deal, but a great item to have available!  

GARLIC: Lots of garlic left to sell this year! Red, purple striped, and a little bit left of white – all varieties are flavorful and pungent.  

BUNCHED RED KALE & COLLARDS: Our order from Eastern Carolina Organics came in yesterday and everything looked amazing! The green kale sold quick and so we’ve still got lots of red Russian kale and collards to move. Plus bunched green onions, too!  

BABY GREENS: Debra Brubaker at Village Acres has had a big harvest this week of several greens, including baby red Russian kale, baby arugula, and baby mesclun greens. Other grows also have had big harvests so check out our baby greens availability. We are happy to pack in 5 lb cases if interested, but please let us know by WEDNESDAY 3 pm if you want 5 lbs. Limited availability.

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