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For Tuesday Sept 12

Posted 9/8/2017 12:04pm by Emily Best.

Emily here. I am getting the feeling with these temps that we’ve skipped September and moved straight on into October. Look for tomatoes to take a quick decline in the coming week or so. Peppers and eggplants are holding on, and we are eagerly awaiting broccoli and cauliflower.  

Anyone interested in organic BLACK WALNUTS? The season is quickly approaching. Please let me know if prefer them shelled or in-shell, we can do both. Thinking a 5 or 10 lb case if in-shell, and then a 1 lb case if shelled.  

Fruit alert: KIWIBERRIES and GRAPES will be back soon!  

As it gets into fall, we start thinking about next season…any items you wish we’d grown? We had hoped to have groundcherries this year but the weather conspired against us, so we will try again next year. Anything else you’d like to see?  


AUSTRIAN CRESCENT FINGERLINGS: These beauties have yellow skin and a light yellow flesh, with a waxy, firm texture. They are excellent in potato salads, or simply steamed or boiled. In German, they are referred to as Kipfel, which means “croissant”. This is where their crescent title originates.  

FRENCH FINGERLINGS: Fingerlings with a pink skin and yellow flesh, speckled with a few spots of red. These are best roasted or boiled! They are similar shape and size to the Russian Banana Fingerlings, just a little larger.  

LARATTE FINGERLINGS: These fingerlings rain from France, with a tan skin and yellow flesh. They have a nutty flavor, and supposedly melt in your mouth, ooo-la-la. LaRattes are comparable in size and shape to the Russian Banana Fingerling.  

RUSSIAN BANANA FINGERLINGS: These beacons of flavor have a khaki color skin and golden flesh. They are the most commonly grown variety of fingerlings in the United States. Its buttery, moist flesh makes this fingerling popular in all potato uses (roasting, baking, boiling, etc).  

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