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For Tuesday Aug 29

Posted 8/25/2017 11:49am by Emily Best.

Emily here. Gotta say this is my absolute favorite time of year. You can sense the summer ending but it’s not quite over yet. Mornings feel cool, the air is crisp instead of muggy, it’s getting dark at a reasonable hour, time for back to school shopping … and we are starting to see a late summer list developing with the addition of spaghetti squash, celeriac, apples and pears. You may say – too soon! And you may be right. But we must bring you what the farmers harvest! Heard an update from Craig Lembke up in New York; he is expecting his grapes the first week of September (approximately).  

HIGHLIGHTS:   BEANS: We’ve got green beans, purple beans, yellow beans and edamame soy beans this week!  

BELL PEPPERS: Ready for some red bells? They have finally ripened and are coming on strong. Enos Peachey at Locust Brook Farm is hoping to move lots this week!  

RED SEEDLESS WATERMELONS:  Moses Hostetler at Hidden Brook is still rolling deep in melons. We are offering these in bins or cases.  

SWEET & SPICY: 5 lb cases available aplenty! The greens are loving the cool nights.  

TOMATOES: Tomato season continues. This week, let’s give a shout-out to Chicano Sol’s Yellow Beefsteaks. These are available in 10 lb packs on the list but we can order them in 20 lb cases if you’d prefer that size. We also have a lot of cherry tomatoes available – the mixed cherries, black, red, grapes, and sungolds. This seems to be a huge year for cherry tomatoes!  

EGGPLANTS: Lots of eggplants coming in this week. I have yet to bust out my slow cooker for my annual ratatouille making, but I plan to soon…last year I made several batches and froze them, and the taste of summer was greatly appreciated (by me at least) in mid-winter when I unburied them from my freezer.

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