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For June 16

Posted 6/14/2017 11:55am by Emily Best.

We can safely say that SUMMER IS HERE with this list. Bunched greens are in abundance, cucumbers are rolling on in, lettuce is just bursting with flavor, and the zucchini—OH, THE ZUCCHINI. Our grower Enos Peachey of Locust Brook Farm took a risk this spring and put out his plants a little early, and it is paying off. We have a large harvest of his squash to sell this week, so get that squash on your menus!                                                                                                              HIGHLIGHTS and LOWLIGHTS:  

NEW! BABY CARROTS: Our first new crop of carrots has arrived! We have been waiting patiently for these babies. The heat of this past weekend definitely helped. We only have orange, but soon we will have plenty of colorful carrots.     

BUNCHED KALES: This week we have a plethora of bunched kale varieties, which include green, redbor, and lacinato. We are so glad that we can offer you all a wider variety of bunched greens. 

ZUCCHINI: The Costata Romanesco and the Ravens have really taken off in this burst of heat, my goodness. The raven is quite a classic, which three of our Amish growers are providing this week. The Costata Romanesco is an heirloom variety coming from Daniel Byler of Sunny Ridge Farm in Path Valley.  

CUCUMBERS: These beauties have really hit their stride. Our growers are continuing to offer Divas, Corintos and Katrinas! We also have a few cases of pickling cucumbers this week, so if you would like a case this week, please let us as soon as you can.  

GARLIC SCAPES: The flowers of our growers’ garlic are really trying to spread its seed. Before the garlic flowers open up, they harvest the tender stem and provides us with wonderful scapes. They have a very mild garlic flavor. Harvesting the scapes allows the garlic to focus its energy in growing its roots, leaves and especially the bulb that we’ll enjoy later this summer.  

STRAWBERRY UPDATE: Looks like these gems are slowing down … we expect to have some available for Friday delivery but we’re unsure of exact numbers. Please put in your orders and we’ll get you what we can.

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