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For Tuesday March 28

Posted 3/24/2017 11:12am by Emily Best.

We are glad to welcome the first full week of spring. We are patiently waiting for some of our growers’ new spring items to arrive. While we wait for these, this is the first week in which we are offering trays of baby plants. I (Taylor) have included the schedule for ordering and delivery at the bottom of the page! We will ask that you keep an eye out for these in the coming weeks as well! Again, if you are interested in a Wednesday delivery day, please let Natalie or Emily know. They, along with our growers, are working diligently on what our cooperative may offer in the near future. We would appreciate any contributions you may have!

HIGHLIGHTS: #2 GARLIC: This garlic still looks beautiful on the outside, but is experiencing some sprouting when opened up into gloves, which is reflected in the price. Don’t be deterred though! With a little cleaning up, this #2 garlic is still wonderfully flavorful. If you are interested in any of this garlic in bulk, please reach out to Natalie (acctmgr@tog.coop) about packing size and pricing.

RADISHES: The end may be near for some of our radishes, especially the black Spanish and the watermelon radishes. Next week, may be the last week that we have these wonderful storage crops. Luckily or unluckily, storage crops do come to an end.

SWEET POTATOES: Our growers supplying us with those wonderful Beauregard sweet potatoes told us that they are reaching an end as well. We will have some for about the next two weeks. These orange beauties could use one more night in the sun. Every week this past winter, I have been making a curry soup, which always includes these delightful delicacies. MIXED COLOR CARROT

ROOTS: Do not fear; our growers have projected that they will have mixed color carrot roots until May. This staple will be here for the taking. Our growers have been taking very good care of these, so that we can continue to offer them to you.

PLANTS: They have arrived! Orders for plants can be placed until 3PM on Monday. Then, we will deliver either on Thursday or Friday, but we will let you know as soon as we can.

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