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For Delivery Friday, March 3

Posted 2/28/2017 12:01pm by Teresa Showalter.

I (Natalie) will be out of the office all day today on the road and in meetings, but Teresa will be sending out the list, and Taylor will be manning the emails on phones. This crazy weather has certainly made it tougher to predict harvests, especially of baby greens and herbs, but our growers are doing their bests, and urging the sun to shine a little brighter. Luckily, it has been just warm enough and just sunny enough to produce great supplies of  many tunnel crops, particulary those salad greens we all love so much. Be sure to look a little closer at our list each week for the appearance of  new items!                                                                                                                                                                                                           HIGHLIGHTS:  

GARLIC: Though we still have white, red, and purple-striped available, we are certainly working towards the tail end of our garlic supplies.Garlic is a great addition to most any dish and stores very well, so be sure to stock up on this powerful allium.    

SHALLOTS: If you’re looking for a milder, sweeter allium to bring out the flavor your dish, try some shallots! Feeling allium crazy? Add shallots and garlic!  

BELGIAN ENDIVE: John Eisenstein of Jade Family Farm has surprised us with organic Belgian endives! What a rarity for this area! John is offering beautiful fully formed heads in 5# cases, and slightly less beautiful, looser heads as endives for salads in 5# cases. He’s not expecting his next harvest for another 3 weeks, so I’d suggest jumping on these while you can!  

JAPANESE SWEET POTATOES: Looking for variety in your sweet potatoes routine, mix in some Japanese sweet potatoes! These are on our list in 20lb cases, but our grower is willing to pack in 40lb cases as well. Bigger pack sizes mean reduced price per pound! If you’d like the larger pack size, please let Taylor or I know by Wednesday so that we can give the grower ample time to pack these sweet potatoes out. 

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