Our photo today is one of Dan Landis’s baby Green Romaine lettuce heads. He’s offering several ways to order baby/small lettuce heads this week. We have baby heads in 3# cases and young heads in 12 ct cases. Dan’s field manager Ricardo told me that the 12 ct cases weigh about 6 lbs, with each head about .5 lbs. Get your salad on!

Weekly Availability List

For May 3

Posted by Emily Best :: Friday, April 29 :: 12:31pm

It’s been rainy, cloudy, and cool the last couple days and we’re looking at a wet weekend, too. Just warning you that we may see shortages on items like tomatoes and asparagus for this delivery as these items especially need the sun. Personally, though, I’m thankful for these wet days as the rain washes away all the pollen and my allergies get a bit of a rest!


BULK GREENS: We were really happy with the sales of our 5# bulk greens cases this past week. We will be offering a few more for Tuesday delivery, and will be doing even more for Friday. Please let us know ASAP if you are interested in these special order cases.

Here’s what we’ve got for Tuesday:

  • Baby Sweet n Spicy, $52.50
  • Wildfire Lettuce Mix, $39.00
  • Baby Green Kale, $52.50 – 4 available
  • Baby Lacinato Kale, $52.50 – 3 available

WILD THINGS: We’ve got pond-grown watercress, wild stinging nettles, and if we’re lucky, RAMPS coming in for Tuesday delivery. The ramps will depend on the weather – if it’s super muddy, I’m hearing that they won’t get harvested, so cross your fingers for a dry Saturday. Otherwise, we will have ramps for Friday!

MAINE POTATOES: Still have russets, reds and gold potatoes on hand. These will be our last potatoes until the new harvests during the summer!


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